Google, Twitter, and your Internet Network Marketing Site

Google is reportedly making moves to take over Twitter, and several people “in the know” are even saying that they are in the late stages of negotiations at the moment.

What implications could this have on your internet network marketing site?  Read on and find out more about this important development.

Google, Twitter, and the 250 Million Dollar Deal

Is Google in “late stage” negotiations to buy out Twitter for over 250 million dollars? Does Twitter pose a threat to Google’s dominance in traditional web search?

Google Slapdown – How to Protect Your Internet Network Marketing Website

Google is currently in the process of a hostile takeover of social media, which in turn will dramatically affect your search rankings for your internet network marketing website; so it is important to understand what is happening and how SEO works today.

And since we’re talking about Twitter, here are some more interesting articles about Twitter and its relevance to network marketing:

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Today I am going to reveal some exciting Twitter web traffic strategies that you can use for promoting your network marketing business. Twitter web traffic, in case you are not aware, come from a multitude of sources. …

MLM Home Business Opportunity and Building a List with Twitter

Many years ago, that was the only way to build a network marketing business. Since then, network marketers use leads, email campaigns, blogs and a number of other ways to build their list. More recently, a very popular way to build a …

Network Marketing Tools for Your Success

This is a free tool involving myspace, facebook, youtube, and twitter. For myspace and facebook all you need to do is set up an account with a link back to your network marketing business start inviting new friends on a daily basis and …

Online Marketing: 46 Links on Local Online Marketing: Techniques …

TwtQpon A website to create Twitter coupons for your followers. Going Local in Stumbleupon Look for Groups related to your community or your state. Get to know some of the people there to network directly: “If you have trouble finding a …


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